Say goodbye to bulky, noisy and unpractical keyrings.

     Keep your keys safe, neatly stacked and looking great.



    Arrange your keys into a neat stack to reduce scratches on your other belongings, and rustling inside your pocket when on the move. Nine times out of ten we see huge bulky keyrings with keys that won’t be used for months or years at a time. When using the Keyranger or MiKey® we really try to promote minimalism. Attempt to reduce the amount of unnecessary items on your keyring and keep only the most important ones. Carry up to 4 keys securely, wherever you are. For all those odd shaped accessories or car keys, simply clip them onto either the military style carabiner clip gate, or the split ring loop hole. Manufactured to a quality unlike any other, every last detail has been carefully considered, from the 420 grade stainless steel hand tightening tension bolts and genuine calf hide leather of the Keyranger. The awesome line-up of tools that the MiKey features will never fail to impress. You will be carrying not only your keys, but small and medium sized flat blade screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a file, nail cleaners and a wire cutter. The tools can be simply folded in and out and slots very neatly behind your keys. Upgrade your keys with Connect, secure, neat, organised.

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